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Will Morgan Stanley Compensate Clients Following Massive Order-Entry Outage?

By George C. Miller of Shustak Reynolds & Partners, P.C. posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

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George C. Miller


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On March 25th, Murphy’s law took full effect when Morgan Stanley’s order entry and order status systems ground to halt, blocking financial advisors and clients from viewing account information and entering trades.  The firm later reported that “multiple applications are experiencing latency or may be unstable.”  Some clients reported problems accessing their accounts online; others reported seeing incorrect account values and balances.  While advisors were allowed to route trades through a redundant trading system, that system reportedly was very slow. 

A day later, Morgan Stanley pledged to “make adjustments” to client accounts that may have experienced losses as a result of the trading glitch.  It is unclear, however, whether the firm intends to make those advisors whole, or offer some other form of remediation.  According to a Morgan Stanley advisor interviewed by AdvisorHub, “clients will get the best price,” and “management has been busy cleaning up trades.”  Clients who lost money as a result of the outage, however, should consider speaking with counsel to explore the full extent of their potential damages. 

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