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Contractual Compliance & Compensation Relationships Between RIAs and Clients

By  of Shustak Reynolds & Partners, P.C. posted on Monday, August 4, 2014.

The SEC holds Registered Investment Advisers (RIA’s) accountable to the highest standards for the advice they provide in exchange for the right to receive compensation for that advice. The employees of a given RIA are actually called Investment Adviser Representatives (IAR’s).

Compliance Issues

Over the last several years the SEC and Finra have begun to encourage, and often expect, securities-related firms to employ internal investigations whenever possible, and to share the results of such investigations with these regulators. It has now become expected that ongoing internal investigations that are self-reported to federal regulators is just a part of the warp and woof of an RIA’s compliance program.

One of the key issues is the relationship between the RIA or IAR’s compensation for financial advice and contractual compliance. One of the strengths of Shustak Reynolds & Partners is that we are well equipped to walk you through any internal investigations your RIA needs to show good faith in compliance. Our firm has experience with internal investigations of various scope and duration and can help your company save time and money through our creatively designed programs.

What RIA’s who have yet to do an internal investigation may be surprised at is that our firm not only provides effective compliance investigations, but we are able to present our findings in such a way that reveals opportunities to adapt any compliance lessons you learn in such a way that it positively affects your bottom line in the future.

The Experienced Counsel of Shustak Reynolds & Partners

If you or your firm is currently considering conducting an internal investigation for the benefit of showing compliance we can help. In addition you have been hit with certain impending customer claims and regulatory threats don’t wait another moment – enlist the advocacy of Shustak Reynolds and Parnters.  Leverage storied experience of our firm for the benefit of your RIA.

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