Congratulations to our 2024 Super Lawyers Honorees!




Shustak Reynolds & Partners is pleased to announce that six of our attorneys have been selected as Super Lawyers of 2024.  Our honorees for 2024 are:

Erwin J. Shustak Selected as a Super Lawyer for the 13th year in the area of Securities Litigation.

Paul Reynolds Selected as a Super Lawyer for the 5th year in the area of Securities and Business Litigation.

Jonah A. Toleno Selected as a Super Lawyer for the 8th year and as one of the Top 25 Women Super Lawyers of San Diego in the area of Securities Litigation for the 5th year.

George Miller Selected as a Super Lawyer for the 2nd year in the area of Securities Litigation, after 8 years as a Super Lawyer Rising Star.

Kate Bowles Selected as a Super Lawyer Rising Star for the 6th year in the area of Civil Litigation.

Joseph M. Mellano Selected as a Super Lawyer Rising Star for the 4th year in the area of Corporate and Securities Counsel.

We are very proud of all of our Super Lawyer Honorees.  Being recognized as a Super Lawyer is an exceptional achievement and title given to lawyers across the country who have reached high achievements and standards within their respective fields. The title of a Super Lawyer indicates the lawyer has the respect of their colleagues and the public. They have represented their clients well, in addition to earning the respect of their peers who nominated them for this title. They have represented the field of lawyer well, with this title being an honor for a lifetime of dedicated work.

The title of Super Lawyer is not handed out lightly, with the selection process being extremely rigorous. There are several stages for the selection process, starting with nominations, independent research, peer evaluations, and then the final selections. The process begins with nominations.

To be nominated, the lawyer may not campaign or solicit nominations. They must be nominated by their peers, third party feedback, managing partner survey, or by the Super Lawyer research team. They must exhibit the qualities of a lawyer who has embodied the values of what it means to be a lawyer and performed their job to the highest of their abilities.

After a lawyer has been nominated, they will be evaluated according to 12 terms, decided upon by the Super Lawyer Selection Committee, including:

Verdicts/Settlements: The success of the lawyer in question in terms of performance within the court.

Transactions: Their ability to handle transactional law.

Representative Clients: Who they are representing and what that indicates about the lawyer as a person.

Experience: What have they gone through to make them who they are now?

Honors/Awards: This is to see if they have been recognized for their achievements and by what organizations.

Special Licenses/Certifications: Have they specialized in anything in particular? What have they done to go above and beyond?

Position Within the Law Firm: What is the lawyer’s title and role at the law firm?

Bar and/or Professional Activity: What have they done with their career?

Pro bono and Community Service: What have they done with their knowledge? Do they give back?

Scholarly Lectures/Writings: Do they apply their experience to help educate others?

Education/Employment Background: Where did they go to law school and what did they do to get here?

Other Outstanding Achievements: What makes them a lawyer who deserves this title?

Candidates who have the highest point totals are then formed into a committee. There, they evaluate their peers and other lawyers who are being considered for the position. This is a crucial stage because, not only will lawyers give their opinions on who the best is, the judges will see how they are considered by their peers.

The final selection is made as a collection of all of these steps. The Super Lawyer committee selects lawyers from small, medium, and large firms in order to be fair and to give each lawyer a fair opportunity. There are two categories that they can be selected into. One is the Rising Stars and the other is a Super Lawyer.

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